Inland Empire Speedology was founded in 2017 to give meaningful experience in the sport of athletics to boys and girls in the Inland Empire community. The mission of the club is to motivate club participants to aspire to achieve leadership, self-discipline, sportsmanship, integrity and a sense of community through track and field. We are committed to teaching the correct basic skills of running and conditioning, which are the foundations for all sports.



Coach Onye Iwuorie aka Coach O. Like many coaches I was a student athlete in High school. Studied and trained with Quincy Watts (400m,1992 Olympic record holder) as well as Maurice Greene (4 Olympic Medals). I specialized in the 100m and 200m sprints. At Speedology I build a foundation for all youth athletes of dynamic stretching, technique and form, power/fast Twitch training, Plyometrics, and Strength/Conditioning drills. A training ground for our next generation of productive citizens where team members learn the lessons that competition teaches.


On Behalf of Speedology Youth Track Club, please accept this as an invitation to provide sponsorship to our Track and Field program. The competition that our athletes compete in exposes our youth to contests against runners from all over the country. Speedology Youth Track Club believes in the promotion of the Amateur Athletic Union motto which is “Sports for all forever”, but in today’s trying time this does not hold true for the children in our community. The advent of corporately funded travel teams has left out an entire segment of children who cannot afford to compete.


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