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Inland Empire Speedology was founded in 2017 to give meaningful experience in the sport of athletics to boys and girls in the Inland Empire community. The mission of the club is to motivate club participants to aspire to achieve leadership, self-discipline, sportsmanship, integrity and a sense of community through track and field. We are committed to teaching the correct basic skills of running and conditioning, which are the foundations for all sports.



The mission of the San Bernardino’s Youth Track and Field Program is to provide opportunities for the local kids to learn physical activity events. Each youth athlete will be taught the technical components necessary to participate and compete within the sport and in their academic work. We are here to teach these kids how to work hard on and off the field. Through this program, we will give them a place to put their hard work to test seeing how track is a group sport but very much individual. Our program will work with USATF to build top athletes. These components of learning will be taught at an age appropriate level.


Our vision and values are to impart characteristics that will develop leadership, perseverance, discipline, and teamwork. Whether our youth members continue with the sport for years, or only for a short time period, we aim for this program to create a positive and enriching experience in their lives. 

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